Who is the dealer – friend or foe?

It’s just amazing how different the relationship between the players and dealers can be. To you, as a player, can be treated with true respect, you can frankly despise and even humiliate employees. But for each of us, the dealer is an opponent, because he is aiming to take our money in the game after the defeat. Is it really?

It is worth noting that in modern casinos dealers occupy about the same value as the waiters in our favorite restaurants. It is nothing more than a service staff that offers visitors something that does not produce itself. So, the dealer does not develop the rules of the game, does not issue discount cards, does not dispose of the money received from the player after his loss. It can not, in most cases, take any independent decisions, clearly following the established rules.

However, it would be naive to believe that a casino employee has absolutely no influence on the outcome of your fight with him. Especially sharply notice are those who use some sort of strategy in, say, roulette. Some professionals without problems can hit the ball in a certain sector on the roulette. There are often cases when there is a number of cards in the card, slightly larger or slightly smaller than what the rules require. Even in the same poker where, it seems, it is impossible to take the players out of themselves, taking with too much zeal to the shuffle of cards, the dealer can cause us inconvenience.

Do not take a negative stance towards the dealer, because this person is the gaming staff’s negotiating staff, and the comfort of your game will depend on it. And if you think that the dealer is pursuing the goal of outplaying you at any cost, just to show you your own superiority – everything is far from being as simple as it might seem initially. This person is just working.

Is it profitable for a dealer to outplay players?

Who is the dealer – friend or foe? Everything that is said below does not apply to all casinos, because the principles of paying for the work of casino employees may well have serious differences in those or other regions. Most often, gambling establishments require absolute impassivity from players – it is believed that with a similar approach to visitors, they will be much more polite.

In this situation, casino employees, in fact, focus on the player’s comfort, and they are only concerned about how the customer will be pleased, who, as you know, can fork out for tips, especially if the rules of the gambling establishment allow these tippers to keep themselves.

In cases where the dealer does not receive a tip and sends them to the cashier of the gambling establishment, then no “grace”, of course, you will not be provided. The dealer can do everything possible to win you, and even, most likely, will not hide his own joy from your defeat.

Realities of our country

Until the lawmaker banned the gambling business in Russia, the principle when the tip was sent to the cash register of a gambling establishment was the most common in domestic casinos. Surprisingly, however, the staff depended on what the proceeds of the gambling establishment and, thus, customers were often perceived as something like enemies.

However, recently, in front of a ban in a number of gambling establishments, there was a positive trend of creating trust between the dealer and the player, but circumstances did not allow this to develop.

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